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Top suppliers of fireplaces & braais
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Established in 1996

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Fireplace City specializes in customised domestic heating through Closed System, Slow Combustion Fireplaces and Stoves.  We stock both insert- and free standing fireplaces made of good quality cast iron or boilerplate steel.  Most of our fireplaces are wood burners or multifuel (which can burn wood, anthracite or coal). 

Fireplace City boasts the largest range of closed system stoves in South Africa, with all imported fireplaces being CE approved (European standards rating) and are widely in use throughout Europe and England, with proven track records and solid designs.  

Our showroom is conveniently located at 304 Durban Road, The Bridge Centre, Bellville.

Feel free to have a look at our Galleries (Click here to view ) for a better idea of what we do and who we are.

We are fired up to provide you with more heat while using less fuel, more than ever before!


Fireplace City supply the following quality stoves, fireplaces and braais...


Invicta stoves are the epitome of small, medium and large capacity stoves in styles ranging from classic and rustic to retro and modern designs.   They are excellent quality fireplaces that deliver great value for your money.  Their foundry and enamelling plant have been established for over 90 years with an annual production of 170 000 products.  From start to finish, Invicta is a real hands-on stove manufacturer.  Situated in the Champagne region of France inferres that their stoves are as good as their champagne!

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We retail some of SAEY's wood burning units, which we believe are best suited to our South African climate. Cast and assembled in Germany and imported from Belgium, SAEY stoves display some of the most solid cast iron designs, innovation and user-friendly technology we have found. 

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These are, without a doubt, the "Rolls Royce" range of insert stoves!  Nothing on the South african market competes with their user-friendly, supperior build quality. Each unit is equipped with thermostatically controlled electrical air circulating fan systems and a one touch air vent which takes all of the brain work out of using your fireplace. These units are usually available in four sizes to suit a variety of spaces, they operate on a one-touch user-friendly system, and you only need to remove the excess ash once a week. Their sleek, modern lines are flawless, they deliver an incredible heating output ability, and are inexpensive to run. After more than a decade of use in the South African environment we have found the Fogo Montanha range to be the most efficient over its entire life span, with low cost maintenance and excellent feed back from clients. These inserts are easy to work on and the engineering is sound. In the decade of use we have never had to replace a single fan system. The internal linings and spares are readily available and easy to change. This our first choice insert for top of the range performance at a very good price. 

These units are perfect for replacing old-fashioned open built-in fireplaces to give you a toasty warm living room like you have never experienced before!

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SOLZAIMA Freestanding Stoves

The Solzaima Tek freestanding units' increased internal combustion temperature is delivered by the vermiculite lined combustion chamber, which allows the wood burning process to be more efficient and clean than many other fireplaces. Their convection sides allow you to position them closer to furniture and walls, which helps you to save space. These units have excellent control of the combustion process and are very efficient while displaying a fuselage full of flame with the large window.

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SOLZAIMA  Insert stoves

This amazing work-horse range of insert fireplaces provide value for money options for upgrading old built fireplaces into clean lined appliances that will be efficient and practical.

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Fireplace City now has its own House Brand of stoves; hand-picked by Wrex himself to compete in the market by opening the door for a more cost effective yet quality European stove. This range bridges the gap between inferior stoves and top end stoves through better bulk buying and favourable country based pricing. The Starkfire brand will always be made up of known European manufacturer's products widely distributed by various branding outfits throughout Europe.

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Hunter Clean Burn

Fresh air is a very precious commodity. So our new collection of Cleanburn stoves are designed to preserve it – with technology to keep carbon emissions at a recordbreaking low. And it's not just the environment you're saving.

You could also save a bundle on fuel. Efficiency levels on these stoves range from 75% to 82% -which adds up to smaller fuel bills. A bundle of logs will provide more warmth, for longer, than it would in an alternative stove.

The New range of Clean Burn stoves are available in three sizes in two options being Traditional or European (wood storage stand).

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Hunter Herald

From our friends in England with unwavering dedication and attention to detail the excellent value for money Hunter Lifestyles Range of MULTI-FUEL stoves has something for everyone.

The stoves, with classic clean lines, are designed for regular or occasional use to suite your lifestyle and home.

The efficient Hunter MULTI-FUEL stoves all burn wood, coal and anthracite on a dust free de-ashing system, all have an advanced airwash system keeping the glass clean and offer overnight burning with ease.

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Whether you know it or not, you've probably warmed your toes in front of a Parkray stove – perhaps as a child, perhaps more recently. Parkray has been the leading name in solid fuel stoves for more than a century.

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The Dovre fireplace is from Belgium. The product range consists of cast iron, closed system fireplaces, which can be either freestanding or inserts. The fireplaces can be multi-fuel burning, wood burning or anthracite burning.

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The secret to the efficiency of the Earthfire firepot lies in the thermal capacity of the claybody. The firepot continues to radiate heat into the room even when the fire has burned low and will stay hot for up to two hours after the fire has gone out.

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