The Firewood Company
The Firewood Company

Parkray Consort 7

Weight: na
Outlet diameter: 155mm
Body size (w x h x d): 544 x 569 x 406
Heating capacity: 195 cubic meters
Nom / Max output: 5.5 - 6.5kw
Fuel source: Wood/Coal/Anthracite
Outlet options: Top and rear exit

The striking Consort 7 attracts compliments - it’s designed with lots of old-fashioned character. But that’s where the  similarity ends, because its emissions are much lower than those from traditional stoves. You can choose to burn logs, or smokeless fuels - our Cleanburn technology guarantees a cleaner burn. How? Firstly, air jets ignite the gases which are released during combustion, so they burn away instead of flowing into the environment. In addition, our ‘Cleanburn’ system means that the heat given off by the fuel stays inside the stove for longer, being directed outwards rather than upwards. Your chimney stays cleaner, the environment stays healthier, and your home stays warmer.


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